Hiring Third Parties to Protect Your Work

published on 15 May 2022

Regardless of the task, hiring someone else to do it carries certain benefits and certain drawbacks. This is true across the board, whether you’re looking for someone to answer the phone, someone to mow your lawn, someone to operate on your spleen, or someone to represent you in court.

There are also specific pros and cons of hiring someone to handle piracy on your behalf.


The pros listed below are only applicable if you hire the right person or organization. As with any business agreement, be sure to do your due diligence.

  • Protect your personal information from pirates and the public (Legal name, street address, phone number, email address)
  • Save time
  • Reduce your legal and financial liability
  • Find more of your stolen content than you can find on your own
  • They can follow up and escalate with uncooperative content hosts


As long as you’re thoughtful and careful about who you hire to protect your work, there’s only one major con.

  • Expense. The price tag for takedown services varies widely across the board.

The copyright protection industry is relatively fragmented, meaning that standards of service and pricing are not clearly established. As you research potential individuals and organizations to do this work for you, you’re going to discover a wide variety of quality, competence, professionalism, efficiency, speed, and expense. As noted above, you can account for most of this by being careful in your assessment and selection process. Unfortunately, the better options tend to charge more—one leading takedown service provider charges nearly $200 USD for a single takedown notice, with add- ons available that only increase that figure. Needless to say, this is outside the budget of may indie creators.

Key Concept

If you decide to leverage the services of a third-party takedown specialist, be careful in your selection process and expect to invest some cash.